The development of the Status messenger is almost complete


Startup Status raised $ 100 million in 2017 from the ICO, which created a private messenger based on the Whisper protocol. After three years of meticulous development, the messenger is ready to work.

Every smartphone that runs the Status app becomes a host and the entire messaging process runs on a censorship-resistant ad hoc network. However, there is a major problem – currently the Whisper protocol only supports around 100 daily users. Developers hope to overcome this limitation.

“Whisper has problems with scalability. When we ran the ICO, we thought the Ethereum Foundation would continue to work on Whisper and improve scalability. However, the Ethereum Foundation has focused on other issues, “- said Security Chief Status Corey Petty.

To solve the scalability problem, Status worked on a protocol and created a new protocol called Waku. The current version of Waku is also limited and can handle up to 1000 users per day. Nevertheless, during the full launch of the messenger, which will take place in 2-3 months, the team expects Waku to handle up to 100,000 users.

Of course, to compete with WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, Status developers will have to work hard on scalability, but they are sure that their messenger has undeniable advantages.

“We don’t rely on central servers, everything is done p2p. All messages are routed via go-ethereum [сетевой уровень Ethereum]. The code is fully open, users can check it, place fork and update, “- said small.

“We have also blocked significant ICO funds for an aggressive marketing campaign. We will start as soon as we have solved all problems of scalability, – adds marketing manager Johnny Zera. “We will focus on those regions where privacy tools are most needed.”


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