The Atari Coin Whitepaper Isn’t too Convincing • CryptoMode


There has seemingly been a decrease in new coins entering the crypto space. Some people are unsure what to make of the announced Atari Coin, primarily because it doesn’t seem to be a legitimate project.

It is evident that companies want to create their own cryptocurrency.

Is There a Point to Atari Coin?

Whether that is a viable approach, remains to be determined.

Atari hasn’t shown much interest in making its own digital currency, but it’s always an option to explore.

The newly announced “Atari Coin” might not have to do with the company, however.

If the whitepaper is any indication, it seems unlikely that this currency will amount to much.

In fact, the whitepaper amounts to just one page, and doesn’t explain much about the currency.

This doesn’t mean the project isn’t legitimate by any means, however.

Until more details are released by official sources, it may be best to leave Atari Coin alone.

One also has to wonder what the purpose of such a currency can be.

Atari is no longer the gaming brand most people grew up with.

Instead, the company is now positioning itself as a lifestyle brand.

That could unlock a lot of potential for this currency, assuming Atari Coin is ever created. 


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