Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ Film Premiere Explains Grammys Absence


It’s unclear why exactly Taylor Swift didn’t perform at the 2020 Grammys, despite reports that she was scheduled to perform “The Man.” That would’ve made sense, since that single is set to impact pop radio tomorrow. Perhaps she didn’t perform it because of the allegations made by the organization’s suspended CEO Deborah Dugan. Perhaps it’s because she was mostly snubbed this year (and last), and didn’t want to lend her presence to the ceremony when she wasn’t being recognized. Maybe she’s dealing with personal stuff and it has nothing to do with us.

But, while the rest of the music industry gathered in Los Angeles — even if it was only for ancillary events like the Roc Nation Brunch — Taylor was in entirely different realm. Swift and her cohort — including director Lana Wilson — were at Sundance last Thursday to celebrate the premiere of Miss Americana, the documentary where Taylor finally discusses taboo subjects like her disordered eating, political thoughts, and facing down the internet.

While she was there, she a playful snow shoot with Variety, who published a cover story on Taylor’s venture into the film world, and everything else she’s doing. The rest of the world is still gazing at red carpet looks, and then Taylor comes through in snow gear. Sounds about right. Miss Americana officially premieres on Netflix later this week on January 31.


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