Tardigrade Decentralized Storage Service launched


Storj Labs has announced that it has launched the blockchain-based Tardigrade cloud service, which enables reliable storage of all data.

The service is available to individuals and businesses. Tardigrade currently has 19 petabytes (19 million gigabytes) of storage. The network is supported by thousands of sites operated by individuals and companies from all over the world. Currently, the service has approximately 3,000 users.

When a user uploads a file to the repository, it is encrypted and then split into 80 fragments. For safety, these fragments are distributed across different nodes. To avoid a situation where the user cannot access their file due to a node not working or being hacked, only 29 parts are needed to completely restore the file.

Using Tardigrade costs “about half the price” than competing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is also no bandwidth limit, that is, users can store as much data on the platform as they want.


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