Tamil Nadu Coronavirus lockdown extension July 2020 – Medical Team have not recommended to extend lockdown, this is what they have suggested to Chief Minister

Coronavirus lockdown tamilnadu July 2020

The medical team said there was no recommendation to implement a full lockdown in Tamil Nadu in July 2020.

Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy today consulted with the medical team as the lockdown ends in Tamil Nadu. During this consultation, Coronavirus medical experts consulted extensively on preventive measures and on the complete lockdown.

After this consultative meeting with the Chief Minister, the medical team spoke to reporters. They said: – More than 30 thousand coronavirus tests are being conducted throughout Tamil Nadu. Coronavirus has also increased in Trichy, Madurai, Vellore and Thiruvannamalai districts.

Coronavirus prevention in Chennai is to be implemented in other districts as well. Coronavirus damage due to public defecation has been reduced twice. Immediate examination is necessary if there are symptoms such as fever and lack of taste. The increasing number of tests will only increase the number of casualties.

Complete lockdown in Tamil Nadu is not recommended. But the medical committee has only recommended that public transport be restricted. Trying to curb the coronavirus by perpetuating public opinion is not the right move. Measures will be taken to control the coronavirus through tactics other than complete lockdown. Eradicating the coronavirus by lockdown is like trying to kill the mosquito with an axe.

At the same time, the complete lockdown can only be intensified in areas where coronaivrus spread is high. We will have to wait and watch what CM EPS and his government decides on extending lockdown for July 2020.


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