Talib Kweli’s ‘Aymo’ Was Featured In Super Bowl Ad For Porsche


With the world’s eyes on the Super Bowl and its commercials tonight, an early spot from the night saw a nice hip-hop placement in it. For their Super Bowl ad, the folks at Porsche used Talib Kweli’s 2017 track, “Aymo,” as the backdrop for their commercial.

The commercial features a heist occurring at a Porsche dealership where a number of their luxurious cars can be found. As the culprits make their way through the dealership, one of them convinces a member of the security team to join them as he is thrown a set of keys for his own use. Speeding and drifting their way through the city, the thieves begin their great escape through the city as they cautiously get by police and showboat a bit by driving backwards through alleyways.

The Talib Kweli track can be found on Gramatik’s Re:Coil, Pt. I album from 2017, a track where Balkin Bump is also featured on. Gramatik stands as the stage name of Slovenian electronic music producer Denis Jašarević and Balkin Bump is a trumpet player who is signed to Gramatik’s Lowtemp label.

To watch the Super bowl ad, press play on the video above and make sure to watch the latest episode of Kweli’s People’s Party here.


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