Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Production Details and Latest Updates We Know So Far!

sweet magnolias season 2 netflix

Netflix is on song with its highly entertaining releases in May 2020. ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 1 was released after lot of excitement building up around it on the 19th of May 2020. ‘Sweet Magnolias’ on Netflix is a soothing romantic drama series revolving around three friends, Maddie, Heather, and Dana Sue, their rollercoaster lives revolving around relationships, career and day to day sagas. Encouraging reviews about the opening season of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ has ignited the buzz around the prospects of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Cast and Crew

The core cast of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ series is expected to stay especially with the three friends and their kids. The following characters (cast) will return in Sweet Magnolias Season 2:

  • Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott)
  • Helen (Heather Headley)
  • Maddie (Joanna Garcia Swisher)
  • Bill (Chris Klein)
  • Noreen (Jamie-Lynn Spears)
  • Cal (Justin Bruening)
  • Tyler (Carson Rowland)
  • Kyle (Logan Allen)
  • Annie (Anneliese Judge)


Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Plot: What We Know So Far?

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 1 started off with the story based in a Serenity, South Carolina and it does not exist in the real world. The Sweet Sweet Magnolias novel series from the pen of Sheryl J.Anderson has 11 books in total and the last one was released in 2014.‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 1 covered three of the eleven novels so far which means Sweet Magnolias Season 2 and Season 3 is confirmed if the adaptation from the novel series is taken into consideration.

Life in Serenity is not very serene for Maddie. Waging everyday battles of the aftermath of her husband cheating on her, Maddie finds love after divorce in her son’s baseball coach, Cal. Dana Sue owns a restaurants and is a chef by profession. While the three women wage their battles of life, the kids of the three women tilt the story towards the sassy teen side of the plot.

‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 will dwell around the strong bonding between the three women. Life is getting tougher by the day and the audience will expect a modified version of ‘Sex and the City’ saga to continue in ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2.


Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is scheduled to release on Netflix in May 2021. Sweet Magnolias Season 1 has received encouraging reviews which means that the possibility of extending the show into a season 2 gets stronger. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to delay the proceedings for yet another gripping season of Sweet Magnolias into late 2021.

Sweet Magnolias Season 1 premiered on Netflix from the 19th of May 2020. The show has a mixture of Spanish and English dialogues. Sweet Magnolias Season 1 released in its entirety of ten episodes. Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is also expected to have ten episodes. For Sweet Magnolias fans out there, yet another pleasant season awaits.






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