Surprising Disclosure On Geralt’s ‘The Witcher’ Grunting


The Witcher‘s aptly-titled “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” song may very well have grown into a monster of our own making, but I’m still convinced that it wasn’t simply the song itself that made the tune stick. Rather, it was Geralt of Rivia’s grunt of reluctant (yet internally overjoyed) acceptance that gave the song its emotional resonance. Geralt couldn’t quite believe that any member of humanity was singing his praises, let alone embellishing them in an attempt to win over the hearts of the public.

That’s only one (of countless) times that Geralt grunts in the Netflix series. He’s also fond of a well-placed f-bomb, which is terribly amusing when it happens, but the grunts may have drawn slightly more focus regarding the lone monster hunter’s temperament. Well, Cavill recently revealed something surprising about those noises to to BBC Radio 1 (via Comic Book). Those were unscripted grunts:

“Actually, I think, none of the grunts were in there. All the grunts, I either added or didn’t say anything and just grunted instead. And it was often up to the other actors to go, ‘I think he’s not going to say anything now.’ And so, I think the grunts were often a surprise for anyone who was watching.”

Well, I feel like the f-bombs must have been part of the script, right? Maybe that should remain a mystery. In addition, it’s also worth revisiting showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s thoughts on why Geralt doesn’t say much in the show, as opposed to the books. Granted, her initial script did feature a lot of talking from Geralt, but through a collaborative process between showrunner and actor, a lot of those words evaporated before the final product surfaced. “People always think of Geralt as stoic, but in the books he talks nonstop,” she explained. “Henry brings such a depth and layered performance to Geralt that we don’t need him to tell us everything he’s feeling.”

There’s no word on when a second The Witcher season will arrive, but it shall. And it should be even more of a (silent) banger from Geralt.

(Via BBC Radio 1, Comic Book & CinemaBlend)


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