Superstar Rajinikanth appreciates Dr Veerababu Siddha practitioner for treating Corona patients

Dr Veerababy Siddha Coronavirus

Vaccine for Coronavirus has not yet been found and only the complications arising out of Covid 19 is being treated, hence patients are treated with both allopathy and Siddha medicines. Siddha Coronavirus Care is being given by Dr. Veerababy in Jawahar Engineering College, Chennai/ Dr. Veerababu’s team has reported that the medical centre is delivered with Vapour, sunscreens, herbal teas and nutritious foods to the patients.

So far 550 patients have been cured in this method and more than 200 patients are getting treatment. Superstar Rajinikanth, who saw the news in the media, praised Siddha Doctor Veerababu by calling him. I am constantly watching and reading your service-related messages. At the time of Coronavirus impact, people are doing good. Your activities are very happy and awe-inspiring. So much good things are being done by you, When the curfew is over, we will meet, ‘said Rajinikanth.

Dr. Veerababu said that Rajinikanth is very happy with this and that the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Madras Corporation will continue to serve the coronavirus patients using Siddha medicines along with Allopathy medicines.


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