Super Bowl Pick And His Alter Ego, Post Limon


Even though Post Malone‘s beloved Dallas Cowboys missed the NFL playoffs for the second time in three years, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper is still looking forward to the big game. For one thing, he’s a huge football fan in general, often wagering money on the outcomes of games with his pals in the music business. For another, the Super Bowl means Super Bowl ads, which means Post Malone gets to debut his new alter ego, Post Limón, during a new spot cooked up by Doritos to promote the snack company’s latest flavor, Flamin’ Hot Limón. Here’s the aforementioned spot below…

Watching Post in the commercial, you get the impression that he’s having the time of his life, spraying a CGI Doritos gun(!) in the foyer of a massive mansion, getting a bold, new (fake) tattoo of a chip on his face to go with his impressive previously existing collection, and (cough) donning an eye-popping, Don Limón-emblazoned vaquero suit, all to the tune of his Hollywood’s Bleeding hit, “Wow.” Then again, he always seems like he’s having a blast — that’s part of his appeal.

He even sounded like he was having a good time during a phone interview with Uproxx to discuss the sponsorship, a rarity among many entertainers. Of course, he was also more than happy to break down his pick to win the Super Bowl, his snack plans for the game — outside of the obvious, of course — and that rumored Eminem collaboration, which he says didn’t happen only because of timing issues between their two releases.

By the way, he was just as surprised by the release of Music To Be Murdered By as the rest of us. Maybe that’s why everyone loves Post — he’s so down-to-earth, it’s virtually impossible to feel any other way.

Tell me about this project and “Post Limon.”

Yeah, so Doritos reached out and said, “Let’s do a campaign, let’s do a commercial.” And I said, “I love Doritos and I could eat a whole bag, so let’s do it.” And they said the new flavor is Hot Limon, and Post Malone and Hot Limon switch over perfectly. It just worked out perfect and I’m really excited for people to try the chips and check out the commercial. We had a lot of fun doing it.

That is very cool. Have you tried them yet?

Oh yes. They are incredible. The purple bag was my favorite until the Hot Limon came out. So now I have a new addiction.

Speaking of your snack addictions, the Super Bowl’s coming out, what’s your favorite snack for the Super Bowl?


What kind of beer?

We love the Bud Light, baby. But I think my favorite snack for the Super Bowl has got to be some boneless buffalo wings or something like that. Very simple. I don’t know. My team’s out of the race, but I’m sure we’ll take a second and watch the whole thing and eat some Doritos and some wings and just have a good time.

Who do you think is going to take it this year?

Oh my God, I think the 49ers are scary this year. But I don’t know.

That’s Post Malone’s pick and we’re going to see what happens. Hope you don’t lose any more money on football.

Yeah, don’t listen to my advice.

I would listen to your advice when it comes to music because Beerbongs & Bentleys was the longest-running Billboard 200 album from the last two years or so. And then Hollywood’s Bleeding was the most-streamed of 2019. So how does that feel?

Yeah, I just really love making music. And I am so blessed and so grateful that people love it too, and people are listening. And never once in a million years did I dream that these albums would be so successful. But I’m so grateful and honestly just so happy that people are rocking with the music. And I can’t wait to put another record out hopefully before the end of 2020. So we’re always working on new music and always making cool stuff.

What was the inspiration behind putting Ozzy Osbourne on the song with Travis Scott of all people?

I figured Travis right now is one of the biggest rock stars in the game. And he’s got that real rock and roll, kind of eff-you mentality. And I think that it was perfect for the song. I think even production-wise not just music-wise and personality-wise, I think production-wise, his voice just worked so well with how trippy it was on the record. And I think it turned out perfect. So I’m really happy that he was a part of it.

You’re making your movie debut pretty soon in Spenser Confidential. How was that for you, acting instead of making music?

It was different. It’s very scary. It’s very intimidating, going there with professional actors and camera crews and light crews and stuff. I was really nervous coming into it but everybody was so professional and so sweet and helped me out so much. And I would like to do some more movies and do some more acting because I had a lot of fun. And it’s cool having my first one and be with Mark Wahlberg and Pete Berg and such. And I’m just a lucky guy, and I’d hopefully like to do some more in the future.

Any thoughts on the new head coach of the Cowboys?

Yeah. This is exciting stuff. Towards the end they got a little dicey. We won’t comment on that, but I hope … I’m excited about Mike McCarthy. I’m excited to see what he does with the team. I mean, he’s got a Super Bowl, so I’m hoping he gives one to us because we got the talent. It’s just about making everything come together with the chemistry and such. So, I know us Cowboys … I think I say this every year, but I think this next one is going to be ours. Hoping and wishing.

So getting back to the Doritos deal, what do you think it is that makes you such a marketable artist? You obviously are very personable, you’re obviously very well-spoken and the kids love you. But what is it about you specifically? What makes you good for stuff like this?

Yeah, these brands reach out and some are brands that I really, really love. Like, I love Doritos. I’ve been eating them forever. Sometimes things just work out perfectly, like this whole deal. It’s awesome. I’m always happy to show love and do fun stuff like commercials and do different collaborations in fun and interesting ways. That’s really what it’s all about, is having fun and just having a good time, I guess, doing collabs with brands and products that I actually love. I don’t know what makes me marketable or anything, but I think I definitely have a unique look, and a unique take on things. So we have a lot of fun and that’s about it.

Eminem just dropped his album. I was really intrigued to hear about you possibly working with him. Do you think you guys are ever going to get that done? And do you think it’ll be more of a Post Malone song or will it be more of an Eminem song?

I’m not sure. Yeah, he hit us up a while back ago, and he sent us a song but the timing was really, really, really rough on it, because everything now is so compact, especially with me and I know especially with him as well. I haven’t listened to the newest record. I’ve just been playing a bunch of Call of Duty as of late. But I’m going to listen to it and I’m excited to listen to it. I definitely think there’s a collab in the future. It’s just making the timing and all the puzzle pieces fit together.


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