Students grasp urban gardening  – OrissaPOST


BHUBANESWAR:  A meeting and guided tour for ‘Sustainable Earth and Urban Organic Gardening’ was held at Amrit Batika here Sunday. More than 60 gardeners participated in the event.

70 students from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Integral Education, Bhubaneswar also visited the site and witnessed live gardening to gain knowledge about organic farming.

Interacting with Orissa POST, Simona from Czechoslovakia said, “It’s amazing to witness how a wasteland was turned into a hub of organic farming. I personally find chilly and tomato gardening quite appealing.”

Her friend Louisa from Portugal said, “The Tulsi plant is quite interesting and I would love to take back some saplings for tea. It was quite pleasing to interact with school children who exchanged their views and ideas of organic farming.” Louisa also shared her concerns about global warming and exchanged ideas on how to stop it.

Agriculturist Ekadasi Nanda said, “Senior citizens from Saheed Nagar often join these sessions. We are all undertaking rooftop gardening naturally. This habit should also be cultivated among youngsters. We need to save ourselves from pesticides and cancer.”

Managing trustee, Kitchen Garden of Bhubaneswar, Maheswar Khillar said, “In the absence of land, water and good food, it’s better to undertake rooftop gardening and develop something as good as Amrit Batika. We have exhibited how to make organic farming through slogans, mural arts and discussions by eminent farmers and researchers.”



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