Steve Lacy’s Coronavirus Comment Drew Disappointment From Some Fans


As it’s unfortunately been the case in recent years, a new virus has left much of the world on edge as the Wuhan, China-originated coronavirus has made its way into different corners of the world. With more than 20 countries affected and more than 170 confirmed cases, it’s no surprise that recent comments from Steve Lacy about the potential pandemic, for the most part, were not received well.

In response to a fan who told Lacy a tour in Asia was needed, Lacy’s said, “Y’all need a coronavirus vaccine, that’s what y’all need.” With the virus striking fear into many, especially now that it has made its way into the United States with the current number of confirmed cases at 11, many were not happy with Lacy’s comment.

Many showed disappointment in Lacy, with one person citing that the comment was xenophobic and would fuel racism toward people of Chinese descent.

Others dismissed the comment as a joke, calling the accusers sensitive for overreacting to an obvious joke from Lucy. One person mentioned that plenty of jokes about the virus have been made, so it was rather confusing that Lacy was taking the fall for making his own.

Apart from deleting the comment, Steve Lacy has yet to comment on the matter or issue an apology for what can certainly be chalked up to a joke that was ill-timed at best.


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