Splitsvilla X3 13th Episode 29th May 2021: Elimination Challenge Winner, Dome Session Updates!


Last week, all was fun and games in the villa, but now we are back to being serious. In the last week’s Silver Connection task, Vyomesh and Trevon were the winners. They wooed the girls with their witty pickup lines. In a twist they chose Arushi and Samrudhhi as their respective partners. So, viewers and contestants assumed that this week’s elimination on the usual golden opportunity task was on. But, the showrunners had a twist up their sleeve.

Dome Session

In an unprecedented situation, there was no golden opportunity task. They could only go with appeals and the dumping nomination. This completely upended the contestants as well as the newly formed teams of Vyomesh and Trevon. They each had to choose one girl to be the dumping partner.

Pallak and Riya, were chosen for this. This was a twist for the girls, who were quite secure in their ways. Aditi and Avantika who were already in the dumping zone were safer because of this decision. Then, there was the Ideal Match test. Trevon and Samrudhhi didn’t feel confident to go ahead with it. So, it was a solid run for Vyomesh and Arushi, they managed to garner the majority of the votes.

But, in yet another twist Vyomesh who was sure that he would get over his failure of the previous Ideal Match test was proven wrong. Vyomesh and Arushi failed the test. It was so unexpected such that everyone was aghast by this.

Splitsvilla X3 Elimination Task

This time’s task took a whole look at the age-old adage ‘ball and chain’. In an innovative spin, the two pairs who were in the elimination. The two pairs Vyomesh and Arushi, and Shivam and Riya were made to hold each other. Their task was to keep holding on as great weight of balls were added to their back.

In a nail-biting sequence, we saw the contestants holding onto dear life. Vyomesh and Arushi with renewed zeal held on to gain back their spot. But Shivam and Riya weren’t able to. Vyomesh and Arushi were saved from elimination.

Riya was eliminated due to the result. But all is not lost she can join the competition again as she competes from the Wild Villa. This week has been incredible, let’s see what the next week will bring. But one thing is for sure, things at Splitsvilla is always going to be exciting!



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