Splitsvilla 13 May 22nd Episode 12: Silver Connection Challenge Winner, Elimination Updates This Week!


Splitsvilla 13 has been on a roll recently. With last week’s riveting Dome Session, we have had some shocking results. This time the hosts are Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh, have pushed the contestants to the limits.

Elimination Updates

After the shocking events last week when Splitsvilla hopefuls Janvi and Devashish, got dumped. They have now entered the Wild Villa. The audience expected much from these two, as they had a good fan following. They join Azma Fallah and Shwetha Nair, in the Wild Villa. As of now only four contestants have been eliminated. We are yet to see how their dynamic would affect the main house. Since, they will enter the competition as wild card entries. Let’s see how things pan out.

Silver Connection Task

With the stress and the tension of last week, this task was a much-needed reprieve. This week’s task was the hilarious “Khoob Ya Doob”. In this case, the boys were urged to come up with their cheesiest pick-up lines, and impress the girls. The lines were cheesy, and the reactions were indeed crazy. The hosts were clear that this task will have two winners. Those with the most ‘nays’ would get the boot. The race was on as Shivam tried to woo the ladies with some shayaris. Trevon brought the cool factor with some cool lines that made the girls heart race.

Sadly, Shivam’s elaborate Shayaris left the ladies cringe on the outside and the inside. Fed up with his lacklustre performance, Sunny Leone entered the fray.  Sunny Leone in a twist set the stage on fire with some pickup lines in Hindi. Though not a competitor, Leone’s sheer charm and charisma blew the boys out of the water. Shivam got a major ‘nay’ from the ladies and Leone.

Gary and Vyomesh got some critical comments. Samarthya’s bad pickup lines were also not liked by the ladies. But Vyomesh slowly built up his cool factor. The challenge showed the playful side of everyone, and made for some funny television


Trevon, was the obvious winner he managed to ace through this challenge with ease. His bold and cool pickup lines, were the best of the lot. Vyomesh, was the second winner, rallying after receiving a few ‘nays’. These two deserve their wins, for their captivating performance in this silver connection challenge.

This week was relaxed, which means next week could bring in some surprises.


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