Splitsvilla 13 1st Episode 6th March Written Update: Task Winner, Golden Villa Members Revealed!


Splitsvilla X3 ushered in this weekend and the grand premiere was no less than a glamorous Bollywood night. The premiere episode is all about introductions and who better to throw open the gates of this season other than the hosts, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha. Both of them have striking personalities and bring alot of pizzazz to the show. The hosts find themselves with two arrows, shedding light on the concept of the show.

Splitsvilla 13 6th March 2021 Episode Written Update: Introduction of Female Contestants

The female contestants were introduced initially on the show. They arrived on a boat to the villa. The possibility of cat fights taking place are soaring as every contestant seems as feisty as the other. The introductions began with Kat Kristian. The next in line was the mesmerising, Riya Kishanchandani. The underdog of this season might end up being Aditi as she seems to have many shades to her personality. Bhoomika on the other hand is bold and doesn’t fear standing up for herself. All these strong personalities combined together is surely going to make one action packed show.

Splitsvilla X3 First Task Updates and Winners

Splitsvilla 13will usher in its first task this weekend. The girls are made aware that their objective is to find someone to love on the show. They do have an option to choose between actual love and casual love. On the other hand, the boys are set on a task who show their ripped bodies. Further on, the boys are made to dress as statues, from there the women are given the option of gold and silver arrows, they will select a particular arrow for the boy of their choice.

The first two girls who were sent to kickstart this task were Arushi and Nikita. Arushi seemed mighty impressed to see the tag of old school lover on Vyomesh Kaul. She then used a golden arrow for him. Nikita used a silver arrow for Kevin Alamsifar. Kevin is an ex-Roadies Revolution contestant and opted for the tag of Pune Gangta. Nikita exchanged her silver arrow for a golden one.

The task continued with Arushi using the golden arrow for Vyomesh and the silver arrow for Samarthya Gupta.Then Nikita used the silver arrow for Kevin Alamsifar. Next came Kat Kristian, she used the golden arrow for Kevin. Aditi used the golden arrow for Kevin as well. After which Riya used her golden arrow for Nikhil Mallik. In Nikhil’s bio, he had written that he had cheated on her ex-girlfriend.

Avantika was next and she opted for Gary Lu because he is a dancer.Samruddhi gave Kevin a golden arrow as he selected her during the auditions.Next came Bhoomika, she gave Vyomesh a golden arrow and silver arrow to Jay Dudhane. Jay was tagged as a Casanova due to which he struggled to get any arrows. Azma Fallah used her arrow for Shivam Sharma. Shivam also received a silver arrow from Pallak. Kevin won the round by a huge margin, he clearly stole the show with four golden arrows and two silver arrows.

Splitsvilla X3 First Gold Villa Members

As of now, the two male contestants who have got the opportunity of entering the gold villa are Vyomesh Koul and Kevin Alamsifar. Both received in comparison more gold arrows than the other male contestants.


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