Southern Revival Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know!


A reality show always manages to make a mark because it resonates with the audience. Netflix sure knows how to keep its audience engaged. The latest feather in their hat is Southern Survival. The show pushes people to such an extent that their determination is questioned. They are tested in the harshest conditions with extreme methods as they struggle to motor on. The first season has been loved by the audience and why wouldn’t they? This has raised the hopes of Southern Revival Season 2.

Southern Revival Season 2 Release Date

Southern Revival Season 1 released on July 3rd 2020 and ever since the audience is eager to know when an announcement will be made for Southern Revival Season 2. Netflix renews shows that have struck a chord with the audience. It takes a while for them to analyse the numbers and come to a conclusion but looking at the response Southern Revival Season 1 received, there should be good news soon. Considering the tough times we are currently facing, if Southern Revival gets renewed it will only be available for viewing towards the end of 2021.

Southern Revival Season 2 Cast

Southern Revival Season 1 saw the crew members of Battlbox going through excessive outdoor activities to survive. They have to face their fears through these challenges. Southern Revival Season 2 will most likely have the same crew members as Season 1, there is a possibility of additions but the old crew will be retained. The crew of Southern Revival Season 2 includes:

  • Daniel
  • Brandon
  • Steve
  • Mikki

Southern Revival Season 2 Plot

Southern Revival is about the crew handling problems that come their way based on the theme of the episode. In episodes such as Escape, the crew is trapped in an underwater car and have to make their way out. In yet another which involves fire, the matches do not get extinguished. All the episodes and situations are thrilling and keeps the viewers asking what could happen next. The show is also informative as it informs the audience what safety measures need to be taken during natural disasters. Southern Revival Season 2 should maintain the same tone as Season 1.

Southern Revival Season 2 Trailer

Southern Revival is yet to renewed and there is no official trailer as of now. Until then watch the trailer of Southern Revival Season 1 to get an idea of what you are in for.


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