Sound of Metal Ending Explained: A Remarkable Film acts as a Breath of Fresh Air!


In a time when works of art are all about the drama, it is very rare to find motions pictures which are truly courageous and resonate with the audience. Sound of Metal is one such film which is all heart. Helmed by Darius Marder, the move is truly an eye opener. It speaks about a punk drummer who loses his ability to hear and has difficulties to come to terms with the changes that life threw at him. His solace and acceptance comes from communal existence.

Sound of Metal Ending Explained

Ruben and Joe converse regarding the latest happenings and the disappointment can be seen in the older man. The comparison that follows haunts the mind as there are stark resemblances between Ruben’s actions in his relationship to that of an addict. The observation is shocking and the air is uncomfortable. Ruben is unlikely to accept what he has heard. Ruben only wants to be at the facility until the implants get activated. Joe cannot accept this behaviour and reminds him that the facility they have is solely for the deaf. Joe cannot let him stay back. When Ruben leaves he realises that it is his own behaviour that has left him alone in the company of none.

He manages to get himself to Paris, to find the girl who was forced to leave him , Lou. Lou is no longer the girl who used to be with him, she has changed and is currently ruling her world. They spend time together and Ruben realises he is not a part of her world anymore. Ruben accepts that whatever he does, change is inevitable and everyone bows down to it. He decides to walk away from Lou appreciative of everything she has done for him.

The implants get activated and the expression on Ruben’s face speaks more than any amount of words could. Until then he was living with a shed of hope that all would be well with his hearing again but his delusion is shattered by the shrill sounds. He is aghast at what it cost him to fail miserably before his own eyes. His journey with the implants might have come to an end but the one with his acceptance of himself had just begun.

Ruben leaves before she could wake up. Ruben takes off his receptors as he is overwhelmed by the bustling city and his emotional dilemmas. During that moment he finally came to terms with being solely one with himself. He understood what is solitaire. That brings the movie to an end. Abrupt yet impactful. This leaves the audience to imagine Ruben’s future. He might end up back at Joe’s facility as everyone knows Joe truly cares for him despite his indifference shown. But to be accepted back, Ruben must first accept himself.


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