Some Of The Funniest ‘Jugaad’ Pictures That We Found On The Internet


‘Jugaad’ which translates into ‘hack’ or if we go by the definition it is a Hindi word that means an innovative or simple-work around solution that bends the rules, or a resource that can be used in such a way and still works fine.

When it comes to jugaad, time and again, we Indians have proved that we are the champions and no one can beat us. Be it fixing things or inventing creative jugaads, we Indians apply jugaad in almost everything on a daily basis to make our work easier or to find a low-cost solution to our problems. Our jugaadu skills not just make our work easier but also highlight our creative and innovative skills.

In the age of social media, daily we see many funny memes and images going viral on social networking sites which reveals the jugaadu side of India. Here, in this article, we bring you some of the funniest pictures of Indians doing jugaad. Have a look:

1.This lady is living in 2050:

2. Modern problems have modern solutions:

3. Why have a hump-ride when you can given them a ride?:

4.We travel in style:

5. No one can match our swag:

6. God bless this man for not doing noise pillution with those loud horns:

7. We can sleep anytime, anywhere:

8. Haha, this one is hilarious:

9. Where are the cops?:

10. OMG, it looks so scary:

11. Because surviving in India’s summer is a real struggle:

12. Haha…so cool:


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