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Social Media users misinterpret Zariya said by Amanatullah Khan as Sharia


A video is going viral on social media where AAP MLA from Okhla Amanatullah Khan is heard hailing the anti-CAA protesters at Jamia, Okhla and Shaheen Bagh. The video in which the AAP MLA is heard saying that “Allah has decided the guilty will be punished and their destruction will start from Okhla and Jamia” is being shared widely on Twitter.

While sharing the video, several Twitter users have claimed that in his speech Amanatullah Khan has said that he wants to bring ‘Sharia’ Law in India. Several persons have shared the video on social media alleging that the AAP leader is calling for Sharia rule in India.

Khan was quoted by many as saying: “Hum Sharia banenge Inshallah, kahin na kahin se shuruat hoti hai, today Shaheen Bagh has awakened the whole world Inshallah (We will become a ‘Sharia’ Inshallah, it has to start from somewhere, today Shaheen Bagh has awakened the whole world Inshallah)“.

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But this is a completely false allegation, as the AAP MLA was not talking about Sharia. He used the word ‘zariya’, which was confused by many as ‘Sharia’. The video circulated on Twitter is a little inaudible because of which many users on social media have probably misheard ‘Zariya’ as ‘Sharia’.

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If the speech in the video is listened carefully, the AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan can be heard at around 3 minutes 40 seconds saying: “Hum Zaria Banenge Inshallah” roughly translated as “we’ll be instrumental in making the start”.

“It has to start from somewhere, today Shaheen Bagh has awakened the whole world Inshallah. We will become instrumental in making the beginning Inshallah”, Khan said in his speech.

It is clear that he was saying ‘Allah has decided that these villains will be punished, the atrocities done by them will be stopped beginning from Jamia, Okhla, and we will be instrumental in making that start,’ and he didn’t speak anything about Sharia.

The social media users probably found it plausible that AAP MLA has wished for an India ruled by Islamic Sharia law in his speech because of the ongoing nexus between the anti-India brigade and the Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party, which Amanatullah Khan has notoriously been a part of.

Khan was recently booked for inciting an anti-CAA protest in Ghaziabad. Moreover, on December 15, he was spotted leading the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act which turned violent in Delhi.

Moreover, in a recent video, AAP leader Amanatullah Khan, who is accused of instigating Muslims to indulge in violence, was seen alongside Sharjeel Imam – the chief co-ordinator of the Shaheen Bagh protest, who has been seen pushing secessionist agenda.

In a shocking video, it can be seen that AAP leader Amanatalullah Khan was present next to anti-India propagandist and Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ mastermind Sharjeel Imam during an anti-CAA protest. In the video, it can be clearly seen Khan asking whether people want to protest or prepare for Friday prayers in Mosques.

Recently, Khan had created ruckus outside Delhi police state demanding the release of a 22-year-old Muslim youth named Furkan who is accused of instigating riots in Jamia Millia University in December.

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