SlumberPod Shark Tank Update: What are the founder upto now?


SlumberPod is a company that began in 2016 by Kate Mallory and her mother, Lou Childs. The company began to initially sell in mid 2018. SlumberPod’s are portable, private mini tents for toddlers and babies. It gives the child a safe yet dark sleeping setting so even when parents share a room with their toddler it will be hassle free.

The concept stemmed out of Kate Mallory’s own experience with her infant while they share a room during a holiday. Prior to SlumberPod’s arrival on SharkTank they had already completed over $556,000 in sales.

SlumberPod and the deal with Shark Tank

SlumberPod are designed particularly so that they can fit into travel cribs, cots, enclosed playards and toddler mattresses. The pit is bottomless so it can fit anywhere. During their pitch to the sharks, co-founders Childs and Mallory had a toddler in tow.

They effortlessly showcased how easy it is for a child to sleep in a SlumberPod while sharing a room with their parents. This prevents parents from having sleepless nights which disrupt their day. The SlumberPods sell for $149.99 each.

The shark Lorie Greiner said she felt that the company was making enough progress on their own and didn’t require the help of the sharks. They should reconsider selling a share and not seek for additional investment.

The Corcoran Group founder and shark Barbara Corcoran felt the same way as Lorie. But she was willing to make an investment in the startup. Corcoran counter-offered the co-founders $400,000 for 25% on the contingency that SlumberPod pays a percentage to her on each sale.

What are SlumberPod Upto Now?

SlumberPod have continued on their journey to create a happy and healthy environment for both toddlers as well as parents while they travel or even in normal situations. SlumberPod is affordable and portable which makes it the perfect solution.

Post the investment from Corcoran Group it has been a huge upliftment for the startup company who have been streamlining towards exceptional growth and development.

SlumberPod now continues to take online orders and is available for purchase on a number of sites such as Amazon,, and is sold in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore from their website.



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