Sharjeel Imam went to Shaheen Bagh 2 days before and the day the protest started, was instrumental in organising protest


The Delhi police interrogating Shaheen Bagh mastermind and The Wire columnist Sharjeel Imam has now made a shocking revelation. According to a report by Amar Ujala, the police has said that investigations revealed that Sharjeel Imam had visited Shaheen Bagh on December 13 and 15 that is two days before and the day when the protest started at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area.

Delhi Police took Sharjeel to several places including JNU on Thursday and verified his friend and acquaintance.

OpIndia in an exclusive expose on December 31st revealed that Sharjeel Imam was the mastermind of the Shaheen Bagh protests and had severely nefarious designs and Islamist bent of mind.

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From December 15 the group of protesters mostly comprising of Mulsim women blocked a road in Kalindi Kunj area that connects Faridabad- New Delhi- Noida. This has led to traffic inconvenience, increasing travel time from 20 minutes to several hours.

In just a week, many incidents have surfaced which laid the secessionist agenda of the ultra-left wing protestors at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area exposed. It is now sufficiently clear that this protest like all other anti-CAA riots is anything but ‘organic’. In fact, it is another typical left-wing organised blatant communal event where protestors are openly batting for secession from India.

Moreover, Delhi Police through its investigation has also revealed that Sharjeel Imam was frequently called to give speeches. And when he went to Jamia Nagar to deliver his speech he was approached by the PFI people. An officer of the crime branch said that the member of the PFI approached Sharjeel on the stage itself. The Delhi police have now been investigating Sharjeel Imam’s link to PFI and Islamic Youth Federation.

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Crime Branch officials said that what Sharjeel has revealed that he has admitted of giving the seditious speech he is accused of and has said that he was not remorseful. He was attempting to incite Muslims to come to the streets and do ‘Chakkajam’ (bringing a city to halt) in Delhi. The police said he intended to carry out such lockdowns in the entire country so as to intimidate and force the government to withdraw CAA and NRC.

He wanted the seven north-east states to be separated from India. Police officials said that Sharjeel has done research on how many Muslims live in the country and which are the Muslim dominated areas in the country and what is the exact Muslim population of each such areas.

Crime Branch team of Delhi Police have now recovered Imam’s phone from a house in Jehanabad district of Bihar.

While the video of his seditious speech has been sent for forensic analysis the Police are also probing Sharjeel Imam’s links to PFI and Islamic Youth Federation. His bank accounts are also being investigated to check how much money is in his accounts and where the money used to come from.

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During interrogation, it was revealed that Sharjeel Imam is highly radicalized and wants to turn India into an Islamic state. Delhi Police sources to news agency ANI have said that he has admitted of giving the seditious speech he is accused of and has said that no tampering has been done with the videos. He has also reportedly admitted that he knew that he can be arrested for sedition but went ahead to deliver his speeches anyway.

All his videos are being sent to a forensic science lab and his social media accounts are being examined, informed the police.

Assam police have also reached Delhi on Thursday morning to interrogate Sharjeel. Sharjeel was questioned for a long time by the Assam Police today. Apart from this, UP Police is also in touch with the Delhi Police. According to reports, Delhi Police can take Sharjeel to Bihar as a part of their investigation.

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Imam, who masterminded the Shaheen Bagh road blockade to protest against the CAA, was arrested by Delhi Police from Bihar after multiple FIRs were filed against him for his seditious speech. Addressing a gathering at Aligarh, Imam had urged Muslims to come together and cut off the Siliguri Corridor aka the chicken’s neck, which connects the seven northeastern states to rest of India. He had also earlier made provocative speeches where he had asked Muslims to come out and block roads of India and bring it to a standstill so as to get international media attention.

Imam is also a columnist with leftist propaganda website, The Wire.

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