Sharjeel Imam was hiding allegedly in a religious place to evade arrest, girlfriend located him


New Delhi: Following his controversial video after which police of different states launched an operation to nab him, JNU student Sharjeel Imam started searching for a safe haven to evade arrest and found it near his home in Bihar. He was allegedly hiding inside an imambara to evade his arrest.

However, it didn’t work and Sharjeel was nabbed by the Crime Branch team of Delhi Police. “The teams of Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Assam police were searching for Sharjeel but he was using every trick to evade arrest,” a Delhi Police officer said.

The officer, who is deployed with the SIT of Crime Branch, said: “Sharjeel could have fled from the country. His brother gave the clue that he has not fled but is hiding in an ‘’imambara’’ near his home in Jehanabad, Bihar.”

Thereafter, when a team of the Delhi and Bihar police jointly conducted a raid at the ‘’imambara’’ Sharjeel was found. He was sitting in a corner with a blanket wrapped around himself the officer said. Finding himself surrounded by policemen, Sharjeel make any escape attempt and just surrendered to the police,” said the officer.

It should be stated here that Sharjeel had allegedly delivered a speech in mid-January in which he was talking about dividing the country. After receiving some videos pertaining to the incident, the Delhi Police had launched search to arrest him. He was booked under sedition charges and is now in police custody.

Another officer said: “The police have confiscated Sharjeel’s laptop from his Delhi accommodation along with lots of objectionable things. We are now trying to figure out that how deeply he was involved with the Popular Front of India.”

According to the police source, Sharjeel is more of a fanatic than a student. He has no respect for any political leader or party. He only follows Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Sources also informed that the police were able to nab Sharjeel with the help of his girlfriend. She called Sharjeel so that he would disclose his location to her. She did as instructed and police were able to get a ‘trace’ on Sharjeel’s location.

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