Shaheen Bagh shooting: The second step in a cold and calculated conspiracy?


The second shooting in Delhi in a matter of three days over the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act has been reported from Shaheen Bagh. While he was being taken into custody, the suspect said, “Hamare desh me kisi aur ki nahi chalegi, bas Hinduon ki chalegi (Only the writ of Hindus shall run in India, no one else’s).”

While it is only to be expected that usual suspects will latch on to the latest incident to pile on their mythical narrative of Hindu Terror, there are certain aspects to the entire series of events that demand that people observe some caution before reaching any conclusions on the matter. Only the adequate authorities after due investigation would be able to conclude the actual motivations of the suspect.

In the first instance involving the minor Gulshan (name changed), there were pertinent questions we had raised about the dominant narrative. He had started posting on his Facebook page only in January despite the fact that the account was created much earlier. There were a few unexplained ‘page likes’ on the profile as well. The strange behaviour of the media and the police when the incident occurred was suspicious as well. Furthermore, when the media enquired of his name, he addressed himself as ‘Rambhakt’. There are other pertinent questions about the whole series of events that we had raised in our report.

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In the current instance of Kapil, there are pertinent questions that need to be asked as well. First and foremost, the suspect appears to have shot in the air and therefore, no one was injured. This time, the bullet cases appear to have landed on the ground fortuitously enough for the media to gather around and take photographs of them to share with the rest of the world. It is pertinent to note here that fortunately, or as planned, no one was injured in the shooting at Shaheen Bagh.

Usual suspects would point towards Kapil’s words as he was being detained, however, words are often empty and devoid of any serious motivation. There is a certain similarity with the shooting at Jamia on the 30th of January as well. When the media asked the Jamia suspect his name, he was more than willing to claim that his name was ‘Rambhakt’. In this instance, Kapil appears to have wanted the media his words to be carried forward loud and clear which is the perfect food for the Left. A person in the video can be heard reacting hysterically to Kapil’s words.

Most suspiciously, however, as per reports, it is the eyewitnesses who claimed that the suspect identified himself as Kapil Gujjar from Dallupura village in Uttar Pradesh. That appears to be a lot of information to give away by a person seriously intent upon causing significant damage. It is indeed highly unusual, especially given the fact that he failed in his objective so spectacularly that one is forced to think that harming anyone was never his intention. Both the shooting at Jamia and today at Shaheen Bagh today appear almost designed to be more of a public spectacle more than anything else given what we know so far.

Given the political drama that has ensued over the Jamia shooting, the political aspect of it cannot be ignored. Therefore, the Left would do well to save their words for now lest they are forced to eat them later. Even if the thing was not staged, it could very well be that the shooter was doing it for his five minutes of fame in the media. That possibility can certainly not be ignored.

In both instances, the shooting took place prominently where the police was already present. While we can obviously not be sure that these are staged, however, by the sequence of events and mysterious questions that remain unanswered, one does wonder.

The media and the Left has been pandering to and whitewashing the Islamists for far too long. Their propensity to not just stand by as Islamists break India, but to throw Hindus under the bus for their misplaced sense of “secularism” is far too obvious in the face of anti-CAA riots. So long, their ecosystem has gotten away with most of their propaganda. However, with the anti-CAA riots, genuine discontent is building amongst the population of the country that doesn’t subscribe to the “Tukde Tukde” ideology.

Before pinning the entire blame on the Hindu Right without any due investigation, it ought to be remembered that a concerted plan was launched by Congress party which was ruling India in the previous decade to concoct the myth of ‘Hindu Terror’. Therefore, before reaching any conclusion, proper investigation into the matter is definitely in order. The media and Left must be careful lest the situation gets worse due to genuine brewing anger.

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