Shaheen Bagh: Children campaigning for AAP candidate Amanatullah Khan amidst Biryani feast


Just days ahead of Delhi State Assembly Elections, little children in Shaheen Bagh were found distributing pamphlets and campaigning for Aam Aadmi Party candidate Amanantullah Khan.

people to vote for AAP candidate Amanatuallah Khan at Shaheen Bagh

A child distributing pamphlets urging people to vote for Amanatullah Khan in upcoming Delhi assembly elections.

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Copy of the pamphlet being circulated by these children at Shaheen Bagh

Copy of the pamphlet being distributed by children at Shaheen Bagh.

Little children with pamphlets which ask people to vote for AAP candidate Amanatullah Khan at Shaheen Bagh

Recently, Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ came under fire after at least one infant lost his life because the parents brought him to the ‘protests’ in the cold. The mother of the child claimed that the child died for his ‘azaadi’ and she would not hesitate to ‘sacrifice’ her other two children for the cause either.

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AAP MLA and current candidate for Okhla constituency, Amanatullah Khan was earlier spotted with Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam who orchestrated the road blockade. He was earlier also found being part of a mob protesting against CAA which went violent in Jamia Nagar in December 2019. Later, an FIR was also filed against him for instigating violence through social media.

Meanwhile, biryani was also being served at Shaheen Bagh to the ‘protestors’.

OpIndia ground report had earlier talked about biryani being brought in which is then distributed to ‘protestors’ and ‘volunteers’. Along with biryani, there is packaged water, fruit juices and other snacks available. On an average, these protests would cost about Rs 10,00,000 per day.

Delhi is set to go to polls on 8th February while results for the same will be declared on 11th February.

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