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Shah Rukh Khan Paid An Emotional Tribute To His ‘Kaveri Amma’ On Twitter


Veteran Kannada actor Kishori Ballal who played Kaveri Amma alongside SRK in Swades has passed away at the age of 82 in Bengaluru. Kishori Ji’s death is a big loss for the Indian Film Industry and all those who have seen her work paid their tributes through social media.

According to reports, Kishori Ballal was suffering from various age-related health issues. For Hindi Film lovers, her role in Swades will always have a special place and ‘Kaveri Amma’ will be remembered forever.

Swades’s director Ashutosh Gowariker paid his tributes to the actor and wrote that she will be remembered for her generously kind, warm and affable persona. He also posted a couple of pictures of the actress and wrote: “Heartbroken! Terribly sad about the passing away of Kishori Ballal ji! Kishori ji… You will be remembered for your generously kind, warm and affable persona! And your unforgettable performance as Kaveri Amma in Swades! You will surely be missed!”

King Khan also paid his tributes and wrote how Kishori Ballal used to “reprimand” him for “smoking.” Shah Rukh Khan paid her a tribute with these words: “May her soul rest in peace. Kishori ‘Amma’ will be sorely missed. Especially, how she used to reprimand me for smoking. May Allah look after her.”

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