Shadab Najar, Jamia student who was injured in Thursday shooting. Here is what we know about him


On 30th January, 2020, on death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an anti-CAA protest march was carried out at Jamia when one Gulshan (name changed) opened fire at the crowd and injured one student, Shadab Najar. Following the shooting, a Facebook account which purportedly belonged to Gulshan went viral. The left-liberal media was quick to paint him the incident as that of Hindu terror. However, very little was talked about Najar, the student who was injured in the firing.

Shadab Najar’s Facebook post

On 22nd June 2017, Shadab had posted on his Facebook page where he could be seen spewing venom about the Chenab river in Kashmir. In his post, Najar talks about dividing Hindus and Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir. He says that east of Chenab which adjoins Jammu has Hindu majority while the west of Chenab has Muslim population and dividing it on religious line would be better. This was written 2 years prior to abrogation of Article 370 which made erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir integral part of India and subsequent bifurcation of the state into two union territories.

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He had written that the people of Chenab valley had made a lot of sacrifices for “Tehreek-e-Azaadi” and Kishtwar, Ramban and Doda districts should be separated from Jammu region as they are Muslim-dominated.

That’s not all. A lot of his other posts on Facebook are quite disturbing.

Shadab Najar sharing Umar Khalid’s post

On 18th June 2017, he had shared JNU student activist Umar Khalid’s Facebook post where he is talking about the India-Pakistan cricket match and mocking those who demand action on those who celebrate Pakistan’s victory against India in cricket.

Shadab Najar on Burhan Wani

On 9th July 2017, Shadab had likened slain terrorist Burhan Wani to army personnel as all he did was ‘picking gun and shooting innocent’, thereby implying that Indian army shoots innocent people.

Shadab Najar sharing post which claimed that Indian armymen raped women

In May 2018, he made yet another post which degraded the Indian Army claiming that the army personnel are raping women.

Shadab Najar claiming Hitler inspires “Hindu nationalists” to “kill Muslims”

On January 31, 2018, he shared a post written by serial fake news peddler who defends radical Islam, CJ Werleman, which said that Hindu nationalists are inspired by Hitler to ‘kill Muslims’.

Shadab Najar sharing video which claims Indian forces kill Kashmiri civilians

In March 2018, he yet again shared posts which claimed Indian Army is killing Kashmiri civilians.

Shadab Najar sharing Anand Patwardhan’s post

On 16th February 2019, just hours after the deadly Pulwama attack, Najar shared a Facebook post by documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan who cast aspersions that the terror attack was an ‘inside job’ ahead of 2019 general elections.

Shadab Najar making the ‘gau mutra’ jibe

In June 2018, he shared a post on Facebook about an animated film on a cow’s journey and made the ‘gau mutra’ jibe, a comment often used by jihadis and leftists to mock Hindus.

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