Schools reopen date in Tamil Nadu 2020 – When will school in Tamil Nadu reopen after Coronavirus lockdown?

school reopening dates tamilnadu 2020

The 16-member panel of experts submitted a report to the Government of Tamil Nadu on opening schools in 2020 and curriculum in Tamil Nadu after Coronavirus lockdown.

The Coronavirus lockdown came into effect last March due to the corona threat. Though the central and state governments have announced various gradual eases, the decision to open educational institutions including school and college is yet to be decided. Moreover, due to the inability to hold general elections, all the students in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Telangana have been declared admissions.

Meanwhile, the Government of Tamil Nadu has appointed a 16-member panel of experts headed by School Education Commissioner CG Thomas Vaidyan to make recommendations on opening schools in Tamil Nadu. The group also conducted a multi-stage study on when to open schools and curriculum.

In the meantime, the Expert Panel has filed its first report to the Government of Tamil Nadu on schools curriculum and curriculum reduction. Further, it is likely that a final report will be submitted soon based on the guidelines of the central government.



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