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Sanskari Life Lessons Sooraj Barjatya Films Have Taught Us


Back in the 90’s, there was a special audience for Suraj Barjatya Films. He has proved himself as one of the finest directors in the Bollywood Industry with movies like Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Suraj Barjatya was tagged as the ultimate king of Sanskar and he continued to be the titleholder with making family-oriented films throughout his career.

His filmography is full of family movies that have shaped
the Indian Family in a very typical way. Suraj Barjatya films are full of Desi
dramas that are centered on romances just like any other Bollywood masala
films. Despite the fact that these films are very chaste and pure, you can
notice the subtle sexual subtext if you watch and understand the movie logic.

Here, we enlist 8 Sanskari life lessons from the Sooraj
Barjatya Films that are very problematic if you understand this.

1. Unmarried women are evil threats and can destroy the Adarsh family

If you have watched Hum Sath Sath Hain, then you must have remembered the ‘teen titli’ the best friends of Reema Lagoo’s character. These 3 friends were responsible for encouraging Reema Lagoo’s character to hate her beloved stepson. This event causes the family to get separated. And there were as it is lines that how could unmarried women ever understand family values?

Thus, the good family movies from Suraj Barjatya pointed out
that unmarried women are evil for an ideal family and can be a threat to such a

2. Women who don’t want kids are destroying the family structure.

Remember the character of Bhagwanti from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! The Mami-Ji was shown pregnant in the climax scene. And before that, she was a nagging character who is having a problem with everything and everyone. The character played by Bindu has taught us how not to be the anti-thesis of the Ideal Indian Woman.

What Suraj Barjatya was pointing at with the scene is that
getting pregnant can bring joy and happiness in your life, unless you are
destroying the family structure.

3. A boy and a girl can never really be friends.

Another typical point raised in the films of Suraj Barjatya that a boy and a girl can’t be friends. Well, Hollywood movies also agree with the concept of Suraj Barjatya especially when they are making a romantic movie.

In modern days, boys and girls can be a good friend without getting into a relationship or falling for each other. However, friends and family can never stop teasing the not-to-be couple that they can’t be friends at all.

4. Your dad’s word is the last word in every (life-altering) decision.

The tradition should be followed and dad or dad-like figure must make life-changing decisions for you. For instance, In hum aapke hain Kaun, the chachaji took the decision to marry the young Rajesh to his sister-in-law, instead of discussing with him like adults. The decision was uninformed and nobody says a word. It shows, in an ideal family you must keep silent and just do it.

5. Life-altering decisions can also be undone by random animals.

We all know that keeping a pet is a good decision. But Suraj Barjatya has shown it on another level. In his movies, Dogs can undo the stupid decisions that are made by dumb humans who are too ideal. In the nutshell, dogs can save the day and stop the movie to get ruined in the climax. And yes, I’m talking about the climax of Hum Aapke hain Kaun.

6. Shaadi is #lifegoals.

In the Barjatya family, marriage is considered as lifegoal,
no matter you are a man or a woman. This is described and discuss into another
level as if you are a woman then you have to get marry leaving your career
choices behind, and if you are a man then you should prove your worth by
joining the family business. Maine Pyaar Kiya is an exception.

7. Being Gora is essential to the Shaadi-wale #lifegoals.

90s kids grew up watching the family movies made by Suraj
Barjatya. These movies show how heroes and heroines must be fair to get
married. For Instance, in Vivah the poor chhoti almost gets drowned in tons of
powder to look fair as her cousin.

8. Husbands have all the ‘haq’ over their wives.

And one of the worst points that have been proved over and over in Suraj Barjatya’s film is that the husband has all the haq over their wives in the movies. Remember the scene, where Prem forces Suman to put on revealing dress against her wish in Maine Pyaar Kiya, and another Prem in Vivah was literally singing out loud that he has haq to do everything with Poonam as she’s about to be his wife.



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