Saba Naqvi continues to fear-monger, conjures up a story of Hindi speaking Afghan refugee moving to Australia ‘because of CAA’


Saba Naqvi, the incorrigible fake news peddler, masquerading as a journalist has been quite consistent in distorting or misrepresenting facts and attributing the worst possible motives to the government to advance her destructive agenda. Today, the mythomaniac has once again taken to Twitter to conjure up a story against Citizenship Amendment Law.

While sharing a picture of a Hindi speaking Afghan refugee on the microblogging site, Saba expressed her anguish that despite living in India for over a decade, this young girl’s family has decided to move to Australia because of the newly introduced Citizenship Amendment Act.

Saba claimed that an Afghan refugee girl who has been living in India for a decade and also knows Indian classical dance form like Bharatnatyam, will move to Australia. She appended that this move is because of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

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In another Tweet, Saba continued to mislead people by saying that “People came to India, from Buddhists to Muslims to Hindus and Sikhs, because we were a warm plural nation that welcomed. Muslims are not welcome in India so even those who love our county will seek safer options. Sad…” without probably realising that Indian citizens are not as harebrained as she is to fall for her whoppers.

Many promptly replied to Saba by pointing out the provisions under the new law.

While some poked fun at the bad script she had concocted.

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri also responded to Saba Naqvi’s fear-mongering by writing: “She is spreading hatred. Bigotry. Communal mindset. Someone should challenge these fake news generators in court.”

CAA fast-tracks Indian citizenship of persecuted religious minorities from three neighbouring Islamic countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Other people seeking Indian citizenship could continue to apply for the same as per normal provisions. The ‘Afghan refugee girl’ could have applied for Indian citizenship should she so wish, could do so after a year since normal provisions allow refugees in India to apply for Indian citizenship after lapse of 11 years.

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