RuPaul Taught Pete Davidson’s Chad To Be The Next Great Drag Queen


Pete Davidson’s Chad character has made a number of appearances over the years but we’ve never seen him like this. In the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Chad is plucked from obscurity by show host RuPaul at a photoshoot and transformed into the next great drag queen.

RuPaul grew bored of the shoot and laments that drag needs someone new to take their place.

“Where’s the next generation?” RuPaul asked. “Drag needs someone new. Someone… like that. Who are you?”

The you, of course, is Chad, the affable yet dim guy who always seems to be in the right place at no particular time at all. RuPaul compliments his cheekbones and eyes and asks if he’s ever done drag.

“Just weed and pills,” Chad says. What follows is a crash course in drag for Chad, who gets a complete transformation and learns how to tuck things in, get the perfect face and find the right attitude. There’s even a bit of a musical performance.

Chad’s downfall, however, is fairly predictable: he struggles to get the walk down and ends up crashing into a folding table. Who knew he was a Buffalo Bills fan? In any event, it’s decided that Chad’s future is not in becoming the next great drag queen, which everyone seems OK with. Easy come, easy go, it seems.


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