RSK Brings Bitcoin and Ethereum Closer Together • CryptoMode


Bridging the gap between different blockchains is a problematic endeavor. With the help of RSK, that concept has now come one step closer.

RSK has been working on a solution to cross the gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A Big Step Forward for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Although that may sound easy to some, it is anything but.

The two largest blockchains in the world are, by default, unable to communicate with one another. 

That has always been considered to be a major weakness to some.

With RSK’s solution, it becomes possible to move tokens between both ecosystems accordingly. 

For example, it becomes possible to leverage Ethereum’s DeFi with Bitcoin.

Whether anyone will want to explore that option, will become apparent in the following weeks and months.

Another purpose to explore is the Bitcoin-backed stablecoin.

That will now be available to Ethereum users, despite being developed on the RSK smart contract platform.

Interoperability between different crypto blockchain will only become more crucial as time progresses.

It is also one the major hurdles for the blockchain industry to overcome. 

In the past, it has been proven that such a solution can be achieved.

Syscoin recently bridged the gap to Ethereum through its bridge-like solution.

As such, there are plenty of potential exciting developments to look forward to 


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