Roman Reigns Would Love One More Match With John Cena


John Cena never exactly bid farewell to WWE, he just got busier and busier as a Hollywood actor and all-purpose celebrity, until we realized one day that he was no longer appearing on WWE TV at all. He’s hinted that he might appear at WrestleMania 36, although he’s also said that if he comes back he wants to do “something substantial,” rather than just a short non-wrestling appearance.

Roman Reigns has in many ways become the successor to John Cena, always playing the role of WWE’s representative babyface superhero even when he’s not at the top of the card (although he often is). In a recent interview with WWE India, Reigns responded to a fan question about whether he’d like to face Cena in the ring again:

I’d love it, you know. I think it’s really shown over the past year or so just how good John is, and just what having his presence does for our show.

You know, I really enjoyed the time that I spent in the ring with him. And if you can’t learn from someone like John, then shame on you. So, yeah, I think any time that we can have all the biggest Superstars to represent WWE, it’s a good thing, so. I know he’s busy and he’s killing it right now in Hollywood, but yeah. If you ever want some again John Boy, here we go.

I think we will see Cena in the ring again eventually. He obviously loves WWE and likes being a part of it, it’s just hard to schedule these things when you’re also making movies. But Bautista managed it, and so did the Rock (although it’s been a while now), so there’s no reason Cena can’t do the same. And when he does return for a proper match, he could do a lot worse than facing Roman Reigns.


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