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Role reversal in real life Tom and Jerry show: See video


From eight to eighty, you won’t probably find a person who doesn’t like the ‘Tom and Jerry’ show. The antics of ‘Tom’ the cat and ‘Jerry’ the mouse will have you in splits. People can watch for hours the fun and frolic that take place between Tom and Jerry. But then this only happens on ‘reel’ life.

In reality, the situation is quite different. Cats are known as sworn enemies of mice. And for the latter, it is on most occasions a nasty and fatal experience whenever it comes close to a cat or is spotted by the feline animal. It is the mouse which is always running away from the cat lest it be killed and devoured.

But wait, here’s a surprise. A recent video posted by a Twitter user shows something different – where the mouse is the aggressor and the cat the running for its life. The video has gone viral and has already been viewed more than five million times. See for yourself the role reversal.

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In the video it is seen that a black furry cat spots a mouse some distance away. It runs towards it about to pounce. And then the unthinkable happens. The mouse instead of backing off and running for its life attacks the cat. The latter is clearly shocked and backs away.

It doesn’t end there though. The mouse goes on snipping at the feet of the cat and forces it to jump for cover. The cat continues to back off and is chased across the street by its small enemy.

Who says size does matter. It won’t after you see the video one more time.

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