Rinku from movie Hera Pheri has changed a lot


Hera Pheri is a cult movie in Bollywood. The movie is always remembered for its timeless humor, flawless direction, and watertight screenplay.

Moreover, the chemistry between the lead actors, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal was very captivating to watch.

Little you know that the movie has completed 20 years and it is still fans’ favorite. The story of the movie revolves around a landlord and its two paying guests.

They used to get calls from wrong numbers and one day they got a kidnapper’s call, ‘Kabira Speaking”.

The girl that played the character of Deviprasad’s granddaughter is now pretty grown up. The character of Rinku was played by Ann Alexia Anra, (Annie). Moreover, she is gorgeous and sensational.

You can check her Instagram profile to know what she is doing now.

Social media was filled with memes and movie dialogues of the Hera Pheri. Fans started comparing the now than then pics of actors.

As per Annie’s Instagram bio, Annie is an entrepreneur, environmental consultant, an ex-actor. Since she used ex-actor, it can be said that she has no wish to enter the dazzling world of the glamor industry.

Annie has about 16.8K followers, probably because of impeccable fashion sense.

In an interview, she opens up about her experience as a child actor and other aspects of life.

On completing 20 years of Hera Pheri in Bollywood, Annie said she has no idea about it. And when people messaged her about 20 years of Hera Pheri, she felt old.

She has done the Avvai Shanmugi as well before she was the part of Hera Pheri. She said Avvai Shanmugi was her first film.

Before that, she has done a few ads as well. It was convenient for her to shoot Hera Pheri as the shooting was scheduled during summer vacation.

She recalled that she went to Mumbai for a couple of weeks to shoot her scenes as she used to live in Chennai.

Annie has featured in many films as a child artist, she was part of two more films besides Hera Pheri and Avvai Shanmugi.

One was a Tamil film Thaayin Manikodi released in 1998, and the other was Hathyara (1998) starring Mithun Chakraborthy.

She shared many moments during the shoots of Hera Pheri. She said, she has to go to another city for the shoots.

They made her body double ad that how she had met Sabu Cyril. She recalled the shoot was filled with lots of pranks by Akshay Kumar on almost everyone.

She has to learn dialogues, and she got lipstick lollipops and sweets on the sets every day. Her mother used to buy these things to keep her occupied during the travel hours.

She used to offer these to Suniel Shetty and Akshay Kumar. She said she didn’t know about Bollywood and how famous Akshay and Suniel Shetty was, so she wouldn’t get nervous.

She said she got shouted once by Paresh Rawal because she was near the camera. She used to be pretty disciplines as she has done many ad films.

Since every one of the sets of Hera Pheri was very chilled, she ran around the camera and Paresh Rawal got mad at her. Now she thinks it might be just a quick reaction and nothing more than that.

Annie hasn’t done any other film after the Hera Pheri, because her parents wanted her to complete her schooling first.

She said that she was well aware of the fact that social media is flooded with Hera Pheri memes, but she hardly gets any as she doesn’t know the Hindi language.

However, it brought a smile on her face whenever she saw Hera Pheri memes.

Annie got a French government scholarship and went to France to complete her undergraduate course in BBA. She came back to India to work in an ad agency.

She worked in a software company for almost 5 years and got skilled in digital marketing.

She has participated in Miss Chennai 2007, and also write for the magazine ‘Southside’. She said she was very shy to participate in the reality show but she did it as her mom insisted.

She now runs the company Wasted Solution because she always had an entrepreneur bug. The wasted solutions work on used tetra packs, cigarette waste, beverage cartons, etc.

She said that there are plans for Hera Pheri 3 and she would
love to cameo, but she is not thinking to do the major part in movies. She said
she doesn’t know how to speak Hindi and it will be a big issue in the films.


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