Rihanna Shared Hilarious Throwback Choir Clip Of Her Friend Sonita


Rihanna has already had a busy month. On Saturday night, she sparked a national conversation about how other races should support Black people on issues of discrimination by saying everyone needs to “pull up.” Before that, she was down in Mexico celebrating her 32nd birthday with a lowkey getaway.

Over the weekend, she decided to weigh in on Twitter over another important topic — throwback videos. Though she doesn’t necessarily use Twitter super frequently, an old clip of one of her childhood friends, Sonita Alexander, was shared by Cheyne Jones, a fellow Barbadian who was chuckling over a choir performance Sonita participated in when she was younger, where she kept closing her eyes while she sang.

“Little known fact. Sonita was the one on course to singing stardom long before RiRi,” Jones wrote of the clip. “Open ya eyes girl!” Apparently Rihanna thought it was pretty funny too, as she shared the tweet and added a “lol” and her own cry-laughing emoji.

Sonita went on to become a doctor, but this clip clearly brought back memories. In 2018, Rihanna was a bridesmaid in Sonita’s wedding, and the two seem to have remained quite close over the years. Given Sonita hasn’t used her Twitter account since 2015 though, it’s unlikely we’ll get a reply from her on this one.


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