‘Rick And Morty’ Made Weird Super Bowl Commercial With Pringles


Super Bowl LIV is still a few days away, but we’ve already seen many of Sunday’s biggest (and most expensive) commercials, including Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch doing some wicked bad Boston accents, Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X taking the “Old Town Road” to Cool Ranch, and the death of Mr. Peanut (whose cream-ation has since been called off). The latest ad to appear online ahead of its televised debut comes from Pringles, which replaced last year’s “Sad Device” with Rick and Morty.

In the 30-second clip, Morty extolls the virtues of a Pringles stack — one pizza, one barbecue, and one jalapeño equals Spicy Barbecue Pizza — before Rick realizes that he, along with Summer, is trapped in a Pringles commercial. Enter the Morty robots.

The average Rick and Morty fan has destroyed at least one Pringles can in a sitting (or maybe I’m thinking of Elon Musk), but there’s another reason why Pringles partnered with the Adult Swim series. “The premise of [Rick and Morty] is that they go to different universes – the multiverse… They have interdimensional cable, and everything is possible within the world of Rick and Morty,” Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, told the Drum. “And we said, well, there’s probably something in that for us, to showcase the infinite possibilities of stacking different flavors of Pringles.”

Nah, it’s because they’re stoned.


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