Riches in Bigg Boss: Celebrities Who Came For Fame And, Not Money


Hey Readers, welcome back to Desi Humor. Bigg Boss has just marked an end to its 13th season and gave away the trophy to Siddharth Shukla. Fans did see Paras Chhabra taking away the money and leaving the house on his choice. When this thing gives a thought that contestants come to the house for the sake of money, we have brought a list of paradoxes. 

Bigg Boss is considered the best platform to revive careers. Stars stay in the house to show their reality to the audience and also to the directors who can cast them in their next project. 

Bigg Boss house turns home to many rich celebrities too. These people are here not for the sake of money, but for their desire to make more fame. Here is a list of rich celebrities who entered the Bigg boss house not for money but for fame. 

1. Sreesanth

The very famous cricketer was once a part of the show. Do you think it was money that took him there? No. It was his wish to break upon the rumors that were spread against him. Yet he fell into the negative side with his anger issues. He made an amount as huge as Rs. 40-50lacs from the show weekly. 

2. Manoj Tiwari

If you have been following Bigg Boss for long, you definitely remember his arguments with Dolly Bindra. He was already quite rich in his shoes as an actor in the Bhojpuri cinema. He did the show only for fame. 

3. Hina Khan

The very beautiful and popular TV actress Hina Khan. Hina has no less money in real. She has been the highest-paid actress on the television. She just entered the show so that she can make enough fame for her coming future. 

4. The Great Khali

No one really knows him as an offscreen person. He came to show up his hidden side. He entered the house as a wildcard but left as a runner up. Khali made both his achievements, his motive to reveal his real personality and also he performed quite well in the show. 

5. Armaan Kohli

It’s known to a few people, he is the CEO of a very big movie production company. People knew Armaan for his anger and he came up to break this assumption. His closeness with a fellow contestant Tanisha Mukherjee did put him into love rumors. 

6. Rashmi Desai

The very cute face on Indian television. Rashmi is a very well paid actress and also received a fat amount for the show. She didn’t join the show for money. All she needed was a little more publicity for her better career.  She was the third runner up in the show and lost the trophy to Siddharth Shukla.

7. Navjot Sidhu

The name from the cricket industry. Navjot Sidhu has his steps in various fields. Be it politics, be it cricket or the entertainment industry, Sidhu has tried everything. He joined Bigg Boss out of his entertainment interests and definitely not for money. 

8. Sunny Leone

Sunny joined Bigg Boss with the intention to enter the Indian industry. She wanted to make a better future leaving behind her past. This worked positive for her and the Indian industry was happy to have her. 

9. Pamela Anderson

Her entry into the house was a win-win. It was good for her, from publicity purposes and also for the show. Her presence did bring up high TRP to the show. 

10. Tehseen Poonawalla

Sources say, the show paid him quite a whopping amount, which is supposed to be the highest ever in the history of the show. He is quite rich in real life too. His purpose was fame, money was a bonus to him. 


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