Rev Run Reveals That Kobe Bryant Recorded A Song With Run-DMC


Despite its brevity, Kobe Bryant’s momentary rap career is remembered by most, especially by those who followed the Laker legend at the turn of the century. During its peak, Bryant recorded songs with the likes of Brian McKnight, Tyra Banks, and fellow teammate Shaquille O’Neal, but before today at least, it was unknown that he had also recorded with a certain legendary hip-hop group.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Run-DMC’s Rev Run spoke on the time the group recorded a song with Bryant. “We met at the studio [in L.A.], because Kobe at the time had a relationship with Adidas, and we had that big record, ‘My Adidas.’ So we hung out all night and discussed options of how we should make the record.”

Unfortunately, the record between the two was never finished and Rev Run is unsure of where the unfinished track currently lies. “He was excited to meet us, and we were excited to meet him. It was just beautiful hanging with Kobe — and starting to record a record that we never finished… maybe it’s in the archives of some studio, or a demo that we made in our house that we was going to give to them to download their vocals. But somebody will find it.”

To watch Rev Run speak on Kobe Bryant, hit play on the video above.


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