Reuters takes care of fact-checking for Facebook in the midst of the 2020 US presidential election


In collaboration with Facebook, Reuters has established a new unit that is responsible for identifying incorrect information on social media.

As Reuters reported on February. 12, Facebook’s Third-Party Fact-Checking program from social media giant and news marketing have jointly launched a fact-checking initiative in an effort to identify misinformation on social media. In particular, Reuters will verify information posted on Facebook and Instagram in the run-up to the American elections and beyond.

The Reuter Special Unit assesses the authenticity of user-generated media files, headlines and other content in both English and Spanish. Commenting on the initiative, Jess April, director of global partnerships at Reuters, said:

“We firmly acknowledge the extent of misinformation that is taking place all over the world. It is a growing problem that affects society on a daily basis and it is a responsibility for news organizations and platforms to stop the spread of fake news. “

The initiative was announced after Reuters approved the required certification by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) on February. 7. Although Reuters is a reputable news organization that has previously produced fact-based controls, it has not produced them for a long period of time, Michael Wagner, an IFCN assessor, wrote in the conclusions and recommendations.

“Reuters’ political and social activity policies do not meet IFCN standards, but it should be noted that their policies are realistic and reasonable,” concluded Wagner.

It is no surprise that Facebook has decided to check the information posted by users, since Facebook was in the sights of regulatory furor last year when Cambridge Analytica collected Facebook user data for about 50 million people without permission to target them with personalized ads in the US in 2014 presidential election.

Meanwhile, for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the community lost an advocate and ally in the American political landscape, Andrew Yang. Yang, an entrepreneur and democratic candidate in the US The presidential elections of 2020 suspended his campaign for president last night. Yang told supporters:

“Although there is still a lot of work to be done, you know, I am the mathematician, and it is clear from the figures tonight that we are not going to win this race […] I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race that we will not win. And so tonight I announce that I am suspending my presidency campaign. “

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