Reddit is Intrigued by this $730 Million Bitcoin Address Linked to Mt. Gox • CryptoMode


The Mt. Gox exchange collapsed several years ago. Even today, people are still coming across some wallets potentially associated with the exchange that contain a lot of funds.

On Reddit, an interesting post is worth keeping an eye on.

The Intriguing $730 million Bitcoin Address

It talks about a specific Bitcoin address currently containing over 75,927 BTC.

At today’s value, that would be worth over $730 million.

The funds belonging to this wallet address have not been moved in the past few years.

The total balance was received in one transaction in March of 2011.

That particular transaction can allegedly be linked to the Mt. Gox exchange.

Who owns the address, remains a big mystery even today.

After all, the owner owns this much finds in Bitcoin, but also in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV alike.

Over the years, this wallet has also received some dust transactions on the network, for reasons unknown.

Assuming this money isn’t controlled by anyone, it represents a decent amount of BTC to never be brought in circulation again.

It is a well-known secret as to how there will never be 21 million “liquid” bitcoins when they are all mined.

A fair few of those 21 million will never be moved across the network again.


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