Reality Z Season 2 Release Date and Plot Updates: What to Expect from the New Season, Is it Cancelled?


Netflix is keeping the horror and supernatural spirits with back to back release of Reality Z and Curon in the second week of June 2020. Reality Z Season 1 was expected to be a rib tickling yet horrifying zombie based series targeting the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro. Reality Z Season 1 was expected to be terrible with tons of gruesome scenes involving a bunch of TV stars stuck in a reality TV show. Winkreport brings the latest updates on Reality Z Season 2 and its potential plot.

Reality Z Season 2 Plot

Reality Z Season 1 was a short series on Netflix consisting of five thirty minute episodes in the first season. Though the timing of the release is not widely acknowledged, the plot of Reality Z looks promising and is likely to attract a niche following towards it. Though cliched in parts, the horror-comedy genre remains to be acceptable considering the overall plot.
The actual plot lines of Reality Z Season 1 on Netflix read, “An ode to horror, humor and pop culture, Reality Z narrates in ten episodes a zombie apocalypse that imprisons participants and producers of a reality show called Olimpo. During an elimination night of the show, the studio becomes a shelter for those who seek salvation in Rio de Janeiro where madness and horror begin to rule.”
Reality Z Season 2 will not feature a continuation of the plot which was witnessed in the preceding season. The new season is expected to come up with a more convincing plot for the zombie hungry fans. Reality Z Season 2 might feature a few faces from the current cast of Season 1. However, the confirmed news is awaited.

Reality Z Season 2 Release Date

Reality Z Season 1 released on the 10th of June 2020 in Netflix. The Season 1 of Reality Z will be released in its entirety of five episodes. The Covid-19 pandemic leaves the prospects of Reality Z Season 2 hanging in the balance.Reality Z Season 2 is scheduled to release in the second half of 2021 if Netflix is convinced with the continuation of the series. Further clarity on the production news of Reality Z Season 2 is expected in August this year.
Reality Z: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Reality Z Season 2 Cast

Written by Claudio Torres, the cast of Reality Z Season 2 might include a few of the  following stars in action:
  • Ravel Andrade
  • Luellem de Castro
  • Emílio de Mello
  • Ana Hartmann
  • Jesus Luz
  • Carla Ribas
  • Sabrina Sato
  • Guilherme Weber

Reality Z Season 2 Trailer 

The trailer of Reality Z Season 2 will be released post the confirmation by Netflix for another season this year. The Reality Z trailer from Netflix is here:




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