Reality Z Review: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far About Season 1 of this Neflix Zombie Comedy?!


Netflix is keeping the horror and supernatural spirits with back to back release of Reality Z and Curon in the second week of June 2020. Reality Z promises to be a rib tickling yet horrifying zombie based series targeting the Brazilian city of Rio De Janerio. Reality Z promises to be a swashbuckling series with admirable twists and hilarious dark humor.

Reality Z Plot

Reality Z is a short series on Netflix consisting of five thirty minute episodes in the first season. Though the timing of the release is not widely acknowledged, the plot of Reality Z looks promising and is likely to attract a niche following towards it. Though cliched in parts, the horror-comedy genre remains to be acceptable considering the overall plot. The actual plot lines of Reality Z on Netflix reads, “An ode to horror, humor and pop culture, Reality Z narrates in ten episodes a zombie apocalypse that imprisons participants and producers of a reality show called Olimpo. During an elimination night of the show, the studio becomes a shelter for those who seek salvation in Rio de Janeiro where madness and horror begin to rule.”

Reality Z Release Date

Reality Z is scheduled to release on the 10th of June 2020 in Netflix. The Season 1 of Reality Z will be released in its entirety of five episodes. The Covid-19 pandemic leaves the prospects of a following season for Reality Z hanging in the balance.

Reality Z Cast

Written by Claudio Torres, the cast of Reality Z the following stars in action:
  • Ravel Andrade
  • Luellem de Castro
  • Emílio de Mello
  • Ana Hartmann
  • Jesus Luz
  • Carla Ribas
  • Sabrina Sato
  • Guilherme Weber

Reality Z Trailer 

Reality Z Review: Stream it or Skip it?

Reality Z is your thing if you like horror comedy. However, the episodes seem to be inconsistent if we rate it on the entertainment factor. Every alternate episode promises to be better but the next one is a let down. Reality Z is based on ‘Dead Set’ which is a British netflix series from the same genre which released in 2008. However, Dead Set fans can still give Reality Z a shot since it is not monotonous remake but a creative spin-off. ‘Dead Set’ was scripted by the writer of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker.

The background music of Reality Z is worth mentioning and each episode comes with a song that continues throughout the episode. The background music is from some of the imminent Brazilian musicians which makes it even more worthier to hear.

Characterization of the cast in Reality Z is a huge boon to the prospects of Season 1. They are adequately annoying to be termed as ‘zombies’ which live up to their name. Our verdict is definitely to stream Reality Z if you are an avid comedy horror fan and can tolerate zombie drama.

Reality Z: Season 1 – Netflix Review

Reality Z Season 2 : Confirmed or Cancelled?

These are literally early days to predict the possibility of Reality Z Season 2. A major possibility of Reality Z Season 2 lies in the way Season 1 pans out and the ending will give us further clues. Reality Z Season 2 is yet to enter production or receive an official confirmation from Netflix.



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