Rajinikanth supports CAA, says it is not a threat to Indian Muslims


Amidst the brouhaha over the newly introduced Citizenship Amendment Act, the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC)and National Population Register (NPR), superstar Rajinikanth today put his weight behind Modi government’s decision, asserting that the new Citizenship Law it will not affect Muslims.

As per reports, the Tamil superstar-turned politician said, if the CAA posed any threat to Muslims, he would be the first person to stand up for them.

“Citizenship Amendment Act will not affect any citizen of our country. If it affects Muslims, then I will be the first person to stand up for them, “Rajinikanth said on Wednesday. “How will Muslims who chose to stay back in India following partition be sent out of the country?” Rajinikanth was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

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Calling the support of various religious leaders to the protests ‘very wrong’, Rajinikanth said: “The government has assured that Indian people will have no issues in respect of CAA. Some political parties are instigating people against CAA for their selfish interests.”

Rajinikanth furthered that students protesting against CAA should analyse the issue deeply before getting involved. “Students should analyse the issue deeply before getting into protest. They need to have a word with their professors or elders before getting involved in these protests otherwise, political leaders will try to use them for their own benefit. Also, we will never know how the police will react to a situation. If they file an FIR, the students will lose their life.”

Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Rajinikanth also backed the National Population Register exercise, saying that the drive was ‘very, very essential’. “NPR is a necessity to find out about the outsiders. It has been clarified that NRC has not been formulated yet,” Rajinikanth said also remembering how the Congress-led UPA government had done the exercise in the past.

In December, Rajinikanth had also condemned the violence in various parts of the country over the citizenship law, saying violence and rioting cannot be a way to find a solution to any issue.

“Violence and rioting should not become a way to find a solution for any issue. I request the people of India to stay united and vigilant keeping in mind the nation’s security and welfare,” he had tweeted.

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