Rahul Gandhi to return as Congress President? Salman Khurshid hints


In yet another display of abject servitude towards the Gandhi family, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid today said that the Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi remains the “top leader” in the party, claiming that a major section of the party always felt that he should return as Congress President.

In an interview, Khurshid dispelled the notion of Congress party suffering from a leadership crisis, adding that the party is in the “transitional process” and there was no issue with the leadership with Sonia Gandhi at the helm of the affairs.

When asked if the return of Rahul Gandhi as Congress President is the overwhelming choice of the majority of the party, Khurshid replied in affirmative saying “There has always been this feeling among a large section of the party”.

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“We have all said this. It is now written in stone, it is clear. But if we accept him as our leader, let us give him the freedom of making his own decision and the timing. Why should we impose our choice on him,” Khurshid said.

Khurshid’s assertions come on the heels of several reports pointing towards Rahul’s comeback as party president. Reports stated that to re-establish himself as a leader, an all-India tour, starting from Rajasthan, followed by Kerala, Jharkhand, Congress-ruled states and other poll-bound states was reportedly planned by the Congress party. He was to speak about rural distress, unemployment woes and the alleged “failed promises” of the current political dispensation, the report said.

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Rahul had tendered his resignation from the post of Congress chief in July 2019 following the dismal performance of the party in 2019 General elections. Though, the party fared better than its 2014 performance but the improvement was scarcely good enough to topple the Narendra Modi Government. In fact, BJP’s stunning performance by winning 303 seats on its own reinforced the notion that Congress party, especially its chief Rahul Gandhi, had failed miserably in animating the nation with a credible political alternative.

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