R-Truth Says Brock Lesnar Wants To Keep Working With Him


One of the biggest surprises of 2020 is Brock Lesnar‘s actual participation in its weekly programming. What a novel concept, right? The current WWE Champion has appeared on every episode of Monday Night Raw in 2020 thus far, interacting with (and/or beating up) Superstars as varied as Drew McIntyre and Ricochet.

But there’s been no segment as universally adored as the one between Lesnar, Paul Heyman and a confused R-Truth before this year’s Royal Rumble. It’s one of those rare times a comedy segment just lands with everyone in the audience, both in the arena and at home, as well as the participants themselves: Even Lesnar himself corpsed — before dropping Truth with an F-5, of course.

While Truth didn’t enter the Royal Rumble, depriving us of another interaction between the 34-time 24/7 champion and the Beast Incarnate, their story might not be over yet. Speaking exclusively with With Spandex earlier today, Truth says more interactions could be coming:

“Brock actually has been pitching ideas. He wants to work with me doing something because of that segment. He pitched a couple ideas. He and I talked afterwards. The sky’s the limit. This business is always changing, and I’m always changing with things.”

Could we see Lesnar vs. Truth at WrestleMania? I mean, probably not, but honestly, who the hell knows what’s happening backstage these days. Check back next week for our full interview with R-Truth, including discussion of his new single “Set It Off” (dropping February 14), as well as his thoughts on John Cena, AEW, and more. That’s what’s up.


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