Qiwi and Yandex.Money in Ukraine in 2020


Due to the difficult political situation between the countries, a number of popular Russian payment systems were banned in Ukraine on 7 November 2016, of which Qiwi, Yandex.Money and Webmoney had the largest share. If the problem was solved very simply with WM – users could switch to another internal currency quickly and with minimal losses (for example WMZ / WMX), then other problems still occur with other systems. First of all, this is due to ease of use.

Yandex Money and Qiwi Ukraine

What prevents you from working well with Qiwi and Poison?

Restrictions relate to 2 main aspects:

  • access to portfolios;
  • free disposal of funds.

separate by decision of the President of Ukraine all Yandex domains and subdomains were blocked at the provider level. To use the poison portfolio, you must therefore use a proxy or VPN that cannot be called easy and secure. Qiwi domains have endured such a fate, so they are still available on the UA network. However, this is not sufficient for the full use of electronic money. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, mandatory transfers are required for transfers within the payment system. Without checking documents, you can pay for goods or services, but you cannot switch to other portfolios. For Russians, identification is not a problem, but in Ukraine it is harder to do.


For transfers between Qiwi portfolios, new users must provide passport details. Unfortunately, simple verification via the portfolio profile is only available to residents of the Russian Federation and for a long time this option was not available to Ukrainians. To date, the identification of the poison can be obtained from one of the representatives of the system in Ukraine or via online services. Only the last option is suitable for Qiwi, because there are no separate representatives. The services of identification partners are not free, but they allow you to provide verification online and within 24 hours. As a rule, the entire procedure is much quicker and takes 30-50 minutes. The most popular services are QiwID and SmartID.

Exchange and withdrawal of Qiwi and poison in Ukraine

Due to the lack of a ban on payments from Russia to Ukraine and back from the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, you can supplement Yandex.Money and Qiwi directly from your personal account. The recording is also available on the cards of all banks, including Ukrainian. Alternatively you can use one of the many online exchangers. You can choose the best conditions for monitoring exchange offices and choose the right direction. For example, when this article was written on the Bestachange website, Kiwi’s withdrawal to Privat24 offers 50 proven services. Among them, it will not be difficult to choose the best. As a rule, the exchange of electronic money in online services is more profitable than the direct use of a payment system. Actual comparative data is presented in the table:

Comparison of withdrawal and replenishment conditions for poison and kiwi in Ukraine

To compile this table, we have used the current rates of the national banks and the current exchange rates of Qiwi and Yandex. Cash to Privat24 in the exchange. https://topcash.me/ru/yamrub_to_carduah before February 2020.


As a result, despite the bans, you can successfully use Yandex.Money and Qiwi in Ukraine, but you must meet a number of conditions:

  1. Pass a paid identification using partner services (costs around 300 rubles).
  2. Find secure proxy or VPN services for Poison.
  3. Use proven change points.

Alternatively you can also use the payment cards that Yandex and Qiwi offer. They can be issued online and received by mail. Among the advantages of this method, one can note a favorable conversion rate when withdrawing cash from ATMs and paying through POS terminals.

Despite all the problems when working with Russian payment systems, they are still widely used in Ukraine. This is largely due to the lack of an equally large-scale alternative. The total volume of all existing Ukrainian national substations does not yet exceed the turnover of one of the leaders of the Russian market.


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