PrimeXBT trading platform announces new Turbo Quick Trade product


Ceiling trading PrimeXBT announced the launch Turbo, the first of its kind trading product for the cryptocurrency market, designed to serve traders with the ability to profit up to 90% in less than 30 seconds. The all-new product comes with its own new user interface and ensures that the PrimeXBT trading platform remains a leader in innovation in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

PrimeXBT Turbo launched after successful beta test

Early on launch, only a selected group of PrimeXBT users had earlier access to PrimeXBT Turbo, which allowed the trading platform to conduct stress testing of the product and provide stable and reliable performance prior to full release.

Now traders, after getting early access traders a chance to use the platform, are ready to accept all other users.

The all-new PrimeXBT Turbo platform allows traders to take out an ultra-short contract that aims to simplify trading and achieve the fastest profit anywhere in the market. Contracts consist of UP or DOWN orders placed on one of three separate short periods. Duration options are 30 seconds, one minute, and five minutes.

Positions are entered based on the trader’s expectations that the price of an asset will go up or down. As long as the asset trades at least one tick more or less than at the time of placing the order, profits are immediately recorded and provided for reinvestment.

Turbo delivers up to 30% profit in 30 seconds

The speed at which traders can move from position to profit with PrimeXBT Turbo is not possible with any other trading tool. The platform is designed for simplicity and speed, allowing users to quickly enter and close trades with just a few clicks, while providing complete information about potential PnL.

Due to the large profit that is possible with Turbo, there is also a risk of significant capital loss, which is why the service is not suitable for all customers. The customer must ensure that Turbo trading complies with local laws.

New users receive 1 BTC demo account for risk-free trading

When you start PrimeXBT Turbo for the first time, each new user account starts with a demo account with a full 1 BTC for test trading on Turbo with no financial risk. Those unfamiliar with this type of trading product can familiarize themselves with this tool and feel comfortable before switching to a live account and trading with their own money.

Traders who are ready to start trading must make a deposit and complete their account. Company released user manual in your own blog with more information on how to use the platform.

Turbo joins the PrimeXBT series of innovative products

PrimeXBT Turbo joins the list of the most innovative tools on the market, available only on PrimeXBT. The new Turbo high speed instrument combines many powerful trading instruments and a wide range of trading instruments.

PrimeXBT offers leveraged margin trading up to 500X (depending on asset type) for forex, products, stock indices and cryptocurrencies, long and short positions, stop loss and take profit orders, built-in charting tools and much more. All this is available to the merchant in the desktop version or in the mobile application.

In addition, the platform announced rapid launch of the beta version of the co-investment moduledeveloped together with Covesting. Selected customers will be able to test the new product from April 1, 2020, followed by a reward for the bugs found.


This product poses significant risks of capital loss. The service is not suitable for all customers. Closing Bitcoin contracts in the short term can lead to a partial or complete loss of your money.


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