Pothys Owner Pothiraj coronavirus death is a rumour confirms his son in law

Pothys owner Pothiraj covid 19 death

Pothys Owner Mr. Pothiraj is suffering from Coronavirus and was admitted to Apollo Hospital Chennai on 24th June 2020. Mr.Pothiraj is being monitored by a team of experienced doctors who are treating him at Chennai Apollo Hospital. Various screening tests were done for him in the hospital. Pothiraj is known for his kind and philanthropic nature, have helped a lot of people in adverse situations.

There were various news on Whatsapp that Pothiraj has passed away due to Coronavirus. But now Pothiraj’s son in law Mr. Praveen Marimuthu updated that his father in law is doing fine and respond well to the treatment. He says “Sir,
My Father-in-law, Mr.Pothiraj has always been in a stable condition ever since the onset of the Covid19 disease some two weeks back. He is maintaining a healthy Oxygen saturation of around 96 and is a day or two away from being discharged from Apollo.”

Earlier today we had a shocking news with the death of Iruttukadai Halwa owner Hari Singh and this may have sparked some people to spin rumours on Pothy’s owner death. Now the rumour has been brushed off by the family of Mr. Pothiraj.


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