Poloniex returns trade history after software error causes a lot of problems


It’s like shooting yourself in the foot with computer code and then magically going back in time before it happened.

Crypto exchange Poloniex today confirmed in a series of tweets that it has withdrawn 12 minutes of trading history in response to a software issue that has “erased” a number of transactions. The Twitter announcement did not address the specific nature of these errors, but the experienced technical problems of the exchange are not interesting here.

It is how Poloniex tackled the situation: wiping out any transaction that was made today between 5:53 PM UTC and 6:05 PM UTC after his automated audits discovered the problem. The company also canceled all open recordings and every customer involved was notified by e-mail.

A Poloniex spokesperson was not immediately available for comment – we do not know how many users were actually affected or what trade volume was affected by this decision.

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