Pawandeep and Arunita relationship: Pawandeep and Arunita love story faked by Indian Idol 12 creators for TRP?

Pawandeep Rajan Arunita love affair

TV reality shows are often accused of presenting contestants’ personal lives for TRPs on screen and trying to get the audience emotionally attracted. You will find many such comedy videos on YouTube in which artists have mocked reality shows saying that being poor is not the first condition to go here. Some TV reality shows present the poverty of contestants on the screen so that there is a compulsion to believe that the makers are using poverty for TRPs.

Talking about ‘Indian Idol 12′, it is also being accused of running after the TRP. Viewers who love the show believe that the makers are not cashing in on the contestants’ poverty, but Pawandev and Arunita’s fake love story is not in reality.

Pawandeep and Arunita are well-known contestants of ‘Indian Idol 12’, who have millions of fans singing. In the past few episodes, it has been seen that the makers are trying to show a love angle between these two. The audience of ‘Indian Idol 12′ on social media commented and told the producers what they are doing for TRP?

Pawandeep spoke with a famous news portal about the love angle seen between him and Arunita and said that there is nothing between the two as seen on TV. Both are just good friends; there is no more relationship between them.

Now the big question arises that if the fans of Pawandeep are not happy with their fake love angle, the audience of the show is not happy with this love angle, and Pawandeep himself has denied that there is nothing between him and Arunita. The makers will call it. Why are you trying to cash in?

After showing the contestants’ poverty, creating a love angle between them is a new tactic to bring TRP?


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